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Mortgage Assistance

Get back on track with mortgage assistance

If you don’t know what to do because you’re behind on your mortgage payments, call us to learn how we can help.

Options to stay in your home

Repayment Plan

Are you having trouble with your mortgage payments because of past due amounts and mounting late fees and feel like you can’t catch up? To help get you back on track, find out if a Repayment Plan will work for you. Simply call (661)833-7505, option 2 and ask for a Loss Mitigation Specialist.

What is a Repayment Plan?
With this option, portions of your past due amount can be added to your current mortgage payments over several months until the past due is paid. Your payments will increase temporarily until the total past due amount has been satisfied.

This plan may be an option if:

  • You’re facing a short-term hardship.
  • You’re behind on your mortgage payments.
  • You can afford your regular monthly payments again, but don’t have enough to make it current.

Please note: Depending on your specific situation, you may need to supply additional paperwork to be considered for a repayment plan. 

Modification Option

Many homeowners have fallen behind on their mortgage and could soon be on the path to foreclosure without assistance from their lender. If this sounds like your situation, you may be eligible to modify your mortgage. Upon approval, the Credit Union could temporarily change the terms of your mortgage to make your monthly payments more affordable. For instance, we could offer an extension of terms on your loan or lower your interest rate for a period of time. Please contact our Loan Modification Department at (661) 833-7505, option 3 or (800) 221-3311, option 3 to get more information on your options.

The process can be expedited with a little homework on your part. To better help us to help you, please bring with you or at least be able to quickly provide the following documentation:

  • Last two years tax returns.
  • Last 60 days paystubs.
  • Last 60 days bank statements.
  • A household budget.
  • A letter of hardship explaining what has caused you to need a modification.

Find options when staying in your home is not possible

Short Sale

If you are facing foreclosure and can no longer afford your home, you may qualify for a Short Sale – even if you do not think you can (or have not been able to) sell your home. A Short Sale, also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, is when you sell your home for less than the balance remaining on your mortgage. If the Credit Union agrees to a Short Sale, you can sell your home and pay off all or a portion of your mortgage balance with the proceeds. You will need to contact a real estate agent to start this process.

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If you can no longer afford your home and other alternatives to keep your home have not been successful, you may feel like you have reached a dead end and foreclosure is unavoidable. But you may qualify for a Deed-In-Lieu, which would help you avoid foreclosure. A Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure (DIL) is where you, the homeowner, voluntarily transfers the ownership of your property (the title and all property associated with it) to the owner of your mortgage in exchange for a release from your mortgage loan and payments.

You will be required to supply paperwork for review and may be eligible for a cash payment once you have vacated the property. The property must be your primary residence.

A Deed-In-Lieu is a good option if:

  • You are facing a long-term hardship.
  • Don’t want to sell or haven’t been able to sell your home.
  • Can no longer afford your home and are ready to leave.
  • The property is your primary residence. 

Additional Contacts

Valley Strong Loss Mitigation: (661) 833-7505, select option 2. 

Valley Strong Loan Modification: (661) 833-7505, select option 3. 


*Please note: Email is not a secure method of communication. Please do not send personal, account, or other sensitive information via email. Our replies will not contain any personal account information. All requests to Valley Strong for Assistance will be handled Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Additional Resources

Department of Housing & Urban Development: 
(800) 569-2487 •

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):


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