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Financial Literacy Center

Grow Stronger Together

Valley Strong's Financial Literacy Center offers an array of valuable resources to enhance your financial knowledge. Explore our educational courses, gain insight into credit score fundamentals, and engage in interactive workshops and presentations - all for free!

Financial Courses

Regardless of where you are in your life, you may find yourself having questions about finances. Whether you’re interested in conventional banking, home buying, or investing—our financial education can help keep you informed and on track. No matter what your financial circumstances may be, we’re here to serve you.

Credit Score Education

Don't wait, take charge of your credit today! Understanding your credit score is the first step in achieving financial stability and success. By checking your credit score regularly, you can stay on top of any potential errors or changes, and make informed decisions about managing your credit. Stay on top of your credit by signing into DataNet or DataMobile, and start taking control of your financial future!

BALANCE Financial Counseling

Contact BALANCE and learn how to develop a sensible budget, better manage spending and debt, as well as these additional benefits:

  • Understanding your current debt situation
  • Assessing your monthly income and expenses
  • Creating a budget and debt repayment plan
  • Negotiating with creditors for lower interest rates and more favorable payment terms
  • Learning about and avoiding future debt traps
  • Building and maintaining good credit habits for a strong financial future.

ZOGO: A Fun Way To Learn

Valley Strong is working to change how you learn personal finance, one financial lesson at a time! Valley Strong has partnered with Zogo, a gamified mobile app, to offer you 800+ lessons on topics that matter most in your financial journey. The best part? Zogo’s bite-sized skills help you level up your knowledge in an attainable, meaningful way.




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