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Commercial Cash Vault

Secure your cash, safeguard your business

What is Commercial Cash Vault?

Commercial Cash Vault is a specialty service that is comprised of three functions: Secure Safe Deposits, Armored Transportation, and an online Cash Ordering portal that enables businesses to efficiently manage their cash intensive operations to save time and money. 

How can it help my business?

This is a solution for cash-intensive business whose transaction activities consists of heavy cash and coin usage. It may become burdensome for businesses to constantly go to and from the branches to deposit or pick up cash to run their business. 

Instead, by leveraging the Commercial Cash Vault service, business owners and employees can simply deposit cash in a bank-approved safe that can provide their account next day credit. Cash orders can be performed electronically and be delivered the next day.

Smart Safe

Smart Safe provides businesses with next level technology solutions to protect their cash, reduce cash deposit errors, and automate the cash handling process. Smart Safe secures their deposits by providing accurate counting measures. It also communicates cash deposits electronically with the online portal to provide next day credit to business accounts. 

Benefits of Commercial Cash Vault


Security And Peace Of Mind

  • Cash deposits get transported by armored couriers; no more high-risk commuting to and from the bank with large amounts of cash. 


  • The intuitive online portal provides visibility across all business locations; view and track cash deposits and change orders. 

Save Time

  • Instead of having employees transporting cash orders and depositing cash, they can use this time to perform more important business tasks. 

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