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Refinance with Zero Closing Costs

There is no better time than now to save on your mortgage

Valley Strong No Cost Refi

Refinance today with Zero Closing Costs1 and no out-of-pocket costs, including:

• No appraisal fee
• No origination fees
• No prepayment penalties
• No application processing fees


Refinance today!


Loan Term* Rate Points Annual Percentage Rate
30 Year 3.75% 0.000% 3.75%

1 = No closing costs means no: origination fees/ points, application fees, flood check fees, credit report fees, appraisal fees, mortgage recording fees, escrow fees, and title fees.

* Subject to credit approval. Valid on 30-year refinance Conventional Mortgage at a fixed rate. Owner-occupied, primary residential properties only. Conventional payment example: A loan amount of $250,000 at 3.75% APR would have a monthly payment of $1,157.79. This does not include taxes and insurance. Your actual payment obligation will be higher if taxes and insurance are included in the monthly payment. Must be a resident of Tulare County, Solano or San Joaquin County.


Understanding Our Zero Closing Cost Mortgage

Here’s What is Covered
There will be no charge for Non-recurring Closing Costs:
Here’s What is Not Covered
These are borrower paid recurring Closing Costs:

• Appraisal and any applicable re-inspection

• Credit Report

• Flood Certification and Monitoring

• Document Fee

• Processing Fee

• Underwriting Fee

• Reconveyance Fee

• Application Fee

• Discount Points

• Tax Service Contract

• Escrow Fee

• Title Insurance Fee

• Notary

• Wire Fee

• Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

• Set up of Impound Account (reserves for Property Taxes and Homeowner’s Insurance)

• Real Estate Taxes

• Interest

• Flood Insurance Premium (if applicable)

• Private Mortgage Insurance premiums (if needed)

• Pest Control, roof, or other inspections as required by property appraisal