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How To Transfer Money: 
Hover over Transfer & Pay at the top of online banking and tap Transfers from the drop-down menu. Select the account you would like to transfer from. Next, select a predefined amount or enter a custom amount and select the account you would like to transfer to. Finally, tap Submit Transfer. 

For more detailed transfers use the Classic function where you may specify the parameters above, the date of the transfer, if it's a recurring transfer, and the frequency of the recurring transfer.

How To Set Up A Cross Member Transfer (Classic Mode): 
To transfer to another Valley Strong Member, select Add an account to make a transfer. Under Internal Account, tap Send money to another Valley Strong Member. Enter the specified information and save. You will now find this account will appear as an option to transfer to.

How To Set Up An External Transfer (Classic Mode): 
To transfer to an account outside of Valley Strong, select Add an account to make a transfer. Under External Account, select to add an account either instantly or manually. If your institution supports an instant connection, you may use your online banking credentials for that institution to establish the external account. If this option is unavailable, then you may add the account manually with the routing and account number. Two trial deposits will be sent to the other account. You will need to verify these amounts by going to your Settings and tapping Accounts. Locate the account and enter the amount of each trial deposit. Once this is complete, the account should be available to complete transactions.

How To Check Account Balance: 
You may check your account balances from your Dashboard or by selecting Accounts. Next, select the specific account you would like to view. Important Note: The “A” symbol signifies your available balance which includes all pending card transactions that may have yet to post. Please refer to this balance when checking if you have funds available to make a transaction.

How To Reset Your Password: 
From the login screen select Forgot Password. You will be prompted to enter your username and social security number. On the next screen you will have the option of where to send a temporary code based on the methods of communication we have on file for you. Once you receive the code, enter it into the provided field and continue to the next page where you will be prompted to create a new password.

How To Set Up Online Bill Pay: 
To use Bill Pay you must have a checking account. From the Transfer & Pay tab at the top, tap Bill Pay. You will arrive on the Bill Pay dashboard where you may add payees, schedule payments, and view payment history. When you schedule a payment, you will be presented with a Deliver By date. This date is when the payment will be delivered to the payee. If the date you wish to schedule the payment for is not available, we recommend scheduling a payment via other means to ensure your payment expectations are met.

How To Activate A Card In A Mobile Wallet: 
To activate a card in mobile wallet please call our Contact Center at (800) 221-3311, Live Chat with a representative at, send us a message through the Secure Message Center in DataMobile, or visit your local Branch.