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Solano First and Valley Strong Merger FAQ’s

  • How can I get my September statements?

    To get September statements, please send us a message in the "Message Center" from DataNet online banking, the DataMobile App or call us at 800-221-3311.

  • Why are Solano First Credit Union and Valley Strong Credit Union merging?

    A merger between Solano First and Valley Strong provides the opportunity to achieve more positive Member, team member, and community impact. Together, we have the ability to remain competitive and be more responsive to Members' financial needs. 

  • What will this partnership do for the organizations?

    Combined assets will be more than $2.5 billion, serving more than 160,000 Members with 21 branches. With an expanded physical presence, we’ll be able to better serve our Members, prospective Members, and our communities. 

  • How will the merger affect Solano First and Valley Strong Members?

    There are no immediate operational changes. Eventually, Solano First will convert to Valley Strong Credit Union’s name and operating system to enhance capabilities and deliver a more robust product and service line to Members. Rest assured as that time approaches, both credit unions will work to ensure a seamless integration. 

  • Will my accounts continued to be insured?

    Yes. Credit Union deposits will continue to be federally insured by the NCUA, meaning you have up to $250,000 in protection for an individual account. The NCUA provides separate insurance coverage for deposits held in different ownership categories such as individual accounts, joint tenancy accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and trust accounts. 

  • Will my rates and fees change?

    The rates on fixed-rate loans and certificates will remain the same until the end of their existing terms. Other products will adjust as normal due to market conditions. With that said, one of the many benefits this merger will provide is better, more competitive rates. 

  • Will I continue to receive the same service and attention?

    Yes. Both Credit Unions are committed to providing high levels of service for Members and this will continue to be a focus for the combined organization. 

  • Will there be a member vote?

    Only Solano First Members will vote, as their credit union will be absorbed into Valley Strong. Members of Valley Strong will not vote as the benefactors of the change. 

  • What is the merger timeline?

    Approvals will be complete by legal day one, which was July 1, 2021. At that point, we became one organization. However, this is not the date in which all of the operational processes will change. The full process of merging core systems, products and services will extend into the 4th quarter of 2021.  

  • Will any employees lose their jobs and/or will any branch locations close?

    Both organizations recognize their talented and dedicated team members and that a successful merger is dependent on retaining that talent. Our desire is to retain the existing staff; and there will be a concerted commitment and effort to do just that. There are also no current plans for branch closures. In fact, this merger will provide the opportunity to expand our branch locations.  

  • Who will lead the organization?

    Nick Ambrosini will be President/CEO of Valley Strong as of July 1, 2021. The Valley Strong Board will retain all 11 Board of Directors positions of the combined Board. 

  • Will there be any changes to my accounts?

    As part of the transition, some accounts will be changed. Please refer to the letter included with this mailing for more information and stay up to date with more merger information at for answers to more frequently asked questions.

  • Will there be a new routing number?

    Yes, Solano First Members will begin using the Valley Strong routing number of 322273722, effective October 12, 2021. If you have transactions referencing the old routing number, please update your information to Valley Strong’s routing number by November 12.

  • What is my new account number (MICR number)?

    Your full account number (MICR account number) can be found with in online banking, the mobile banking app or at the bottom of your new Valley Strong checks. You’ll need your MICR account number when setting up direct deposit, automatic deductions and ACH transactions.


  • Will I receive new card if I currently have a Solano First Credit Union debit card and/or credit card?

    Yes. Both existing Solano First debit cards and credit cards will continue to work until you receive your new Valley Strong cards. The new cards should arrive by October 20. Cards will be available for activation upon receipt. The cards will arrive in a plain, unmarked envelope.

    Important note regarding automatic payments from your debit card and/or credit card: 
    If you have any automatic/recurring payments associated with your debit card or credit card, make sure to contact the company to provide them with your new Valley Strong debit card or credit card number.
  • Will I have to order new checks?

    For your convenience, you will receive a complimentary set of starter checks, along with instructions for ordering more. Expect to receive your checks by October 12. Checking accounts will have a new account number which can be located at the bottom of your Valley Strong checks, or within online and mobile banking. Checks branded with a Solano First Credit Union logo can be used until November 12. Upon receipt of your new Valley Strong checks please destroy your existing Solano First checks or take them to any Valley Strong branch for shredding.

  • Will there be any fee changes?

    Please refer to the Truth in Savings disclosure booklet that was mailed to you on/around September 4.

  • Will any scheduled deposits and withdrawals I have set up be affected by the conversion?

    Scheduled deposits and withdrawals will be processed as usual for a limited amount of time. To ensure minimal disruptions to your account, please make sure to update your ACH transactions with Valley Strong’s routing number, and if applicable your new account number.

  • Will Multi-Account Authorization (MAA) users be impacted or still have access after conversion?

    MAA will no longer be available. Members will need to establish new transfer relationships in the Transfers tab/widget found either in DataMobile or DataNet online banking.

  • When calling “First Call,” will I need to establish a new pin number?

    Yes, you will need to enroll in DataVoice (Valley Strong’s version of First Call) with a new PIN number by calling
    (707) 426-6815 or (800) 339-7828.
  • Will online/mobile banking be affected by the conversion?

    Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and DataVoice (Valley Strong’s version of First Call) will be unavailable from
    5 p.m. on Friday, October 8, to 5 a.m. on Tuesday, October 12. Solano Members will experience an entirely new suite of digital banking products with familiar and enhanced features for Personal and Business Accounts.
  • Will my existing bill payment payees be affected?

    Your existing payees will be migrated to the Valley Strong Bill Pay platform. There will be no action needed on your part.

  • Will recurring/scheduled payments I have set up be affected by the conversion?

    Recurring and scheduled payments will be migrated to the Valley Strong online banking platform. You should not anticipate any disruption in your payments.

  • Will the bill payment debiting process change?

    Bill Pay items will now clear your account on the Deliver By Date you have set within online banking.

  • Where can I find the most Up-To-Date information about conversion?

    Up-to-date information on the conversion is available on Valley Strong’s website at

  • Why are some of Member debit transactions declining?

    Some network processors are still updating their systems to recognize the transition. If the transaction was declined while using your PIN, try the "Credit" option at the point of sale. We anticipate this to be resolved by Tuesday Oct. 19.

Thank you for being a Member of Valley Strong.

If you have any questions or for the most updated information call (800) 221-3311 for additional assistance.