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Fraud Warning

Recent Scam Information

Valley Strong recently become aware our phone number, (661) 833-7900, is being used in a spoofing operation. Spoofing allows someone to mask their phone number and replace it with a number you may recognize or trust, in this case, Valley Strong’s.

Valley Strong takes the security of our Members seriously and wants to remind you, we will never:

  • Call and ask you to provide your full SSN.
  • Will never call to ask for DataNet/DataMobile or DataVoice passwords.
  • Ask for your full debit, credit, or ATM card number.
  • Request your PIN or CVV (number on back of your card) for any card.
  • Require answers to other out of wallet questions, such as your mother’s maiden name.
  • Ask to have you pass along special codes, usually delivered by text or email, to help identify authorized activity, known as multi-factor authentication.

If you ever receive a call you are uncomfortable or unsure about, do not provide any information, let the caller know you would prefer to call Valley Strong directly, and end the call. Our team members and any third parties we contract with, will have no problem with this.

As always, please monitor your account for any unauthorized transactions and immediately contact us if you believe your information or account has been compromised. You may do so using Live Chat, by phone at (800) 221-3311, or by visiting any of our conveniently located branches.

For more information on recent scams visit