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How To Report Fraud

Reporting Fraud

Contact us immediately if you suspect fraud or if you received a suspicious email or text message believing it's from Valley Strong.


DataNet or DataMobile Services

If you find suspicious or unauthorized activity with  Valley Strong online services including:

  • Bill Pay, Zelle®, online transfers, or online profile changes, call 8002213311



Credit Cards

For lost, stolen card, or to
report identity theft
(800) 221-3311


Debit Cards

For all inquiries call
Customer Service.
(800) 221-3311


To report your card lost or stolen after hours, please continue to call (800) 221-3311 and       
follow the prompts to be connected to an after-hours representative.


Thank you for being a Member of Valley Strong.

If you have any questions or for the most updated information

call (800) 221-3311 for additional assistance.